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Luke Johnson is born and raised in Canada. Originally a prairie boy from Saskatoon, SK he has lived in 4 of the provinces. The oldest of three boys, Luke has learned the value of family. Raised in the church, Luke has also come to put his faith in high importance. Having his wife to come beside him further makes him a better person and compliments many of his shortfalls. With the addition of two daughters into his life, Luke has come to cherish the small things much more.

Throughout his career, Luke has gained many valuable experiences. Working in the retail field taught him to effectively manage people and genuinely interact with customers. In the tax field Luke has learned many great laws and practices that assist the business and will help clients. As a bookkeeper he has learned the extreme importance of responsible, precise record keeping. Luke adds a lot to Open Skies Media. Direction, expertise, and solid management make the business succeed.

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This is a promotional video shot in 2016 around Summerland, BC by our friends at ET2Media.

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